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Foshan the metrical Adams Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, engaged in a cut off the industry for many years, has accumulated rich design, production, installation experience / 24-hour service hotline: 15920132947

The metrical Sri Lanka cut off is professional production activities Screens, activities partitions, wall panels, mobile screen, mobile partition, mobile folding screens, hanging doors, high partition, toilet partition large professional production
Manufacturers. Division I is a collection development, design, production, sales, installation, service, sale and repair and maintenance for the integrated enterprise.

Product Features: aka activities partitions activities screen, active partition, mobile screen, mobile wall for indoor space flexible split, usually concealed in the wall or in a corner, and when necessary through
Over preset ceiling rails pulled out to start the formation of a wall system partition, a large space divided into two or more small space, easy to different units or groups at the same time. Active partition through
Constant thickness of 65-100mm, built-in sound-absorbing cotton and telescopic mechanism, with good sound insulation. Commonly used in hotels, guesthouses, banquet hall, conference hall, restaurant, restaurant, restaurants, office buildings
Conference room, office and canteen, all kinds of exhibition hall, museums, art galleries, art museums, memorial halls, as well as schools and other places. Have been widely used throughout the country.

The metrical Sri Lanka invites you to join hands to create a win-win situation! ! !

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